“Each time I am at the Trent Wearner Golf Academy I am amazed at the different levels of players who are there.  You’ll find newer golfers learning and having a blast all the way up to, what are obviously, golfers that play at a very high level.  A coach may have a lesson with a very young junior, then the next lesson with an expert professional followed by the weekend hacker.  It’s just amazing to see them switch gears and get on the level of the person in front of them.  True learning taking place.  Their adaptability is so awesome to witness.  Don’t go anywhere else!”  – Jason J.

“After my first lesson with Trent Wearner I knew I found the right guy.  I had so many people try to tell me all the tricks to correct my overswing – nothing stuck!   Trent really dialed into not only the troubled mechanics of my game but learned how I understand and am able to put what he is instructing to the next step.  He is encouraging and is excited to see players’ games improve.  I’m feeling excited when I get to the course.”  – Lisa S.

“I have played terrific golf this season and am so appreciative of you getting me to this stage. I am playing the game with feel and confidence.  My point is not just that I have some swing keys that are working for the moment, but rather that the entire experience has changed.”  – Phil S.

“With each lesson I take from Trent, he finds ways to get me hitting the ball better and better.  He has a great depth of knowledge, yet his main interest is in helping me score better and enjoy the game more.   He’s the best, hands down.”  – Drew O.

“You connected with me and did in one hour what another golf center couldn’t do in a full year’s worth of lessons!” – Larry W.

“Want to thank you guys.  I had some very basic problems with my swing which you quickly diagnosed.  What I liked best is you didn’t reinvent my swing, just improved the mechanics and gave me things to practice.”  – Rick W.

“You have done wonders in my golf game (my boyfriend can attest) because I truly believe the best quality in a coach is kindness.  A kindness that goes beyond the game or the lessons and extends to getting to know people and genuinely caring about what’s going on their lives.  I expected to find a teacher who could adequately teach me the game of golf when I chose Trent Wearner Golf but I never expected a teacher to take the time to care about my life and to encourage me in the way that you have done.”  – Ashleigh D.

“I want to thank you for the instruction I received from you Sunday at your putting clinic.  I definitely am putting with more confidence now than before I went to see you.  The training aids make putting practice more fun for starters so I am spending more time on the practice green.  The best thing though is I am really able to tell if I am making a good stroke or not.”  – John M.