As part of our quality environment and the region’s top golf teaching professionals, we have several locations and outstanding facilities we’re happy to call home.

As research on learning the game of golf proves, learning in an outdoor environment is crucial. At our academy there isn’t a shot we can’t practice, a place we can’t go or a topic that our facility limits us from covering. While there can be some benefit to taking instruction indoors, it should be short-term. You eventually will need to understand the cause and effect relationship of what you’re doing and how that relates to the curve and trajectory of the ball. You’re going to need to learn to hit different types of shots that indoor instruction cannot provide. You should spend time in a realistic, outdoor environment with your teacher/coach as you’re going to need to transfer your new found skills to the course.

We have coaches stationed at the facilities listed below.   We are located at Cherry Creek Country Club in Denver, Meadow Hills Golf Course near I-225 and Parker Road, Legacy Ridge in Westminster, Walnut Creek also in Westminster yet close to Boulder, Arvada, Lafayette and Louisville, Golf Life Indoor Center in Broomfield along Highway US36, and a Trackman indoor center in Morrison called Turkey Creek Golf Academy.  We are open to the public and look forward to seeing you. We do group programs and private lessons at all locations except for Cherry Creek CC where we only do private coaching. 

Voted Best Golf Practice Facility by Colorado Avid Golfer Magazine

    • Private golf lesson tee with our own indoor golf studio during inclement weather/winter
    • Multiple short game greens for chipping, pitching, bunker and putting
    • Located at 4 phenomenal golf courses two with indoor centers and two additional indoor centers in Colorado
      • Denver’s phenomenal Cherry Creek Country Club
      • Historic Meadow Hills Golf Course
      • Award-winning Walnut Creek Golf Preserve
      • Always fun Legacy Ridge Golf Course
      • Fantastic indoor center Golf Life
      • West side of town Turkey Creek Indoor Golf Academy
          • GC Quad Simulator, Trackman 4 Launch Monitor, FlightScope X3 Launch Monitor
          • Large hitting net area/Simulator and Indoor Putting Green
          • Having this indoor component makes taking instruction at TWGA very convenient and versatile compared to facilities that don’t have an indoor center or those that only have an indoor center.  For instance, subtle changes to things like grip or ball position cannot be made solely indoors as those things require seeing the ball’s flight.  If you can only hit shots into a net such types of improvements cannot be accurately discussed.