As part of our quality environment and the region’s top golf teaching professionals, we have an outstanding facility.

As research on learning the game of golf proves, learning in an outdoor environment is crucial. At our academy there isn’t a shot we can’t practice, a place we can’t go or a topic that our facility limits us from covering. While there can be some benefit to taking instruction indoors, it should be short-term. You eventually will need to understand the cause and effect relationship of what you’re doing and how that relates to the curve and trajectory of the ball. You’re going to need to learn to hit different types of shots that indoor instruction cannot provide. You should spend time in a realistic, outdoor environment with your teacher/coach as you’re going to need to transfer your new found skills to the course.

The Trent Wearner Golf Academy is open to the public and located at the Meridian Golf Learning Center. It’s a convenient drive just south of Denver directly off of I-25 and Lincoln Avenue. As part of our quality environment and the region’s top golf teaching professionals, we have an outstanding facility.

Voted Best Golf Practice Facility by Colorado Avid Golfer Magazine

  • Private golf lesson tee right outside of our indoor golf studio
  • Five short game greens for chipping, pitching, bunker, uneven lies; two designated only for putting
  • Fairway bunker
  • Three practice holes
  • Championship 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature design golf course
  • Home to numerous local championship events
  • Easy access for on-course instruction in addition to the three practice holes
  • Practice shots you can’t practice at indoor centers or at typical practice facilities, hone your routine, work on game management and strategy, pinpoint club yardages, or any other imaginable shot all without time limits to complete each hole.
  • Consists of two par 3’s ranging from 135-220 yards and a par 4 along a lake measuring just under 400 yards.
  • Multiple pin locations for additional shot options.
  • Uneven lies, mounding, water hazard, bunkers, rough and other realistic situations to round out this phenomenal option to lessons.
  • Large barn door that rolls open to hit from in to out (witness the flight of the ball and stay warm/dry during inclement weather)
  • Two large netted hitting bays
  • Having this indoor component makes taking instruction at TWGA very convenient and versatile compared to facilities that don’t have an indoor center or those that only have an indoor center.  For instance, subtle changes to things like grip or ball position cannot be made solely indoors as those things require seeing the ball’s flight.  If you can only hit shots into a net such types of improvements cannot be accurately discussed.  At our golf academy the ability to open our large barn door to hit shots out onto the range during any sort of weather transfers the instruction to real meaning and greatly enhances your learning experience.