Trent Wearner Golf maintains the highest standards of professionalism and runs highly-respected corporate golf events.

We differentiate ourselves in many ways but one of those ways is that we understand some people have time to practice while others do not. Our coaching reflects that and is what makes our events so well-received. Trent Wearner Golf, Inc. offers several programs (below) for your company or event. We have done events for a variety of companies including Financial Advisors & Planners as well as financial institutions such as Northwestern Mutual, Northern Trust, Wells Fargo and many others.


Draw more prospective clients by intertwining one of Trent’s educational and entertaining presentations into your event. Topics are very insightful and entertaining and are 100% devoted to helping your business.

The unique aspect to Trent’s golf presentations is that most can be related to your specific business whether that’s the financial industry, insurance business , training related, sales, or the like. For the company or professional looking to get in front of prospective clients Trent’s popular presentations are a way to add value and generate more interest in your client events.


Spend time nurturing relationships with current clients or developing relationships with prospective clients at a Golf Instruction Event held at the Trent Wearner Golf Academy.

These clinics are completely customized for you and allow you valuable time with more clients than just the 1-3 you might entertain during a round of golf. Many companies are seeing the benefit to our Golf Instruction Events and the advantages they hold as it relates to forming new relationships and sustaining already established relationships with top-notch clients. Please contact Trent Wearner directly to customize a one-of-a-kind program for your business. 303-645-8000


Next time your company hosts a large tournament, whether it’s a local tournament or larger scale event like a PGA or LPGA Tour event, let Trent Wearner Golf help entertain your best clients. We can capture their golf swing or putting stroke for analysis and have the analysis sent directly to them with your company’s branding.

We utilize various state-of-the-art swing technologies, launch monitors, and our Science And Motion (SAM) Putt Lab which are the same pieces of technology PGA and LPGA Tour Players train on. Your clients will have a blast learning about and seeing their swing and/or putting stroke and what they can do to improve! We invite you to our academy so that we can show you what an outstanding experience your clients will have. For more information please contact us or call 303-645-8000.


For our larger destination resort type of events we have partnered with Mike Lynch and his company, Corporate Golf Incentives (CGI). Mr. Lynch has the most outstanding reputation within the corporate world when it comes to planning and executing events and programs for Executive Outings, Employee Appreciation, Sales Incentive Reward Trips, and more.

We customize events for any size of group and our attention to every detail is unmatched. CGI and Trent Wearner’s partnership ensures that you’ll receive quality golf instruction and have a fantastic, memorable event while the logistics of your event run perfectly. We take great pride in providing the best so your group is motivated to return year after year as so many other companies currently do.