Dana Smith

Locations: Walnut Creek and Legacy Ridge

Dana Smith’s Adult Programs

Dana coaches at our Walnut Creek and Legacy Ridge locations and has spent the last 35 years passionately dedicated to each student and their improvement. He’s been a longtime teacher in Colorado who has also worked with many of the best coaches in the country.  He is generous with his time and loves working with golfers of any age, gender or ability level.  You can also look at his 2-Person rates if you’d like to bring a friend which reduces the per person rate significantly.


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Skill Development Packages are blocks of time that can be used for any aspect of the game and taking instruction with a friend can be a great experience and is more economical as well.


The Season Long Program is a unique program where the team of coach and student will create a customized plan together.  This isn’t the typical golf lesson that you get at most places or indoor centers.  This is a plan that is developed around your goals, your desires, and that prioritizes each area of your game so you can actually make serious strides with improvement.  And you’ll be doing this with one of the best coaches in Colorado, Dana Smith.  Dana is so giving of his time and so passionate about your improvement and it’ll show in his dedication to you and your game.  If you are ready to really make a dent in your game, this individualized program is perfect.

One example could be:  20hrs plus 4 playing lessons (two 3-hole playing lessons and two 9-hole playing lessons) plus supervised practice sessions.

  • Please inquire with Dana to come up with a customized Season Long Plan that is BEST FOR YOU!  dana@trentwearnergolf.com