Chris Melendez

Locations: Meadow Hills

Chris Melendez’s Adult Programs

Chris coaches at our Walnut Creek Golf Preserve and Golf Life Indoor locations allowing you to take coaching regardless of inclement weather or season.  He has a phenomenal track record helping players of all ability levels truly develop.  We’re lucky to have him as he’s so versatile and does a great job for us with both adults and juniors.  Chris has been known by his peers as one of the most respected coaches in Colorado.  He has somewhat slid under the radar with golfers looking to improve, but not any longer!  His students have known him to be a hidden gem and we’re so lucky to have him as part of our coaching staff.  He’s been teaching in Colorado for over 10 years and we’re so fortunate to have Chris as part of our elite coaching staff.  He is a CU grad with a degree in Psychology which obviously comes in handy with the game of golf.  Please feel free to call the academy to speak to Chris about which program may be right for you.  303-645-8000

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Skill Development Packages are blocks of time that can be used for any aspect of the game and taking instruction with a friend can be a great experience and is more economical as well. Take a look at this option titled 2-People to see what you would be paying per person.


Adult Player Development Program is a unique program where Chris will work with Trent behind the scenes discussing your swing and game as a whole while creating a solid plan for your improvement!  You can’t get such a program anywhere else in Colorado where your improvement will be guided by one of the best teachers in the country.  This program is a committed player program designed to improve all areas of your game.  It is for the adult who has the time and energy needed to achieve sustained improvement. We will thoroughly take you through all Four Steps of Improving:  (1) Plan: receive a comprehensive questionnaire and take part in skills testing evaluations, (2) Practice:  develop a clear road map for your technical or mechanical improvements, work with you to ingrain them and show you research based processes for accelerating acquisition of those improvements, (3) Prepare: coach you on skills that will help you transfer your game to the course with more success, and (4) Play: spend numerous sessions with you on the course learning to play under pressure, discussing strategy, self-management, decision-making, and more.