Peter Weisel
PGA Coach

Peter Weisel’s Adult Programs

In addition to Peter’s small group programs, he has two unique private lesson options.  If you have any questions for Peter or would like to meet him prior to the first lesson please don’t hesitate to contact the academy at 303-645-8000.

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Skill Development Packages are blocks of time that can be used for any aspect of the game and taking instruction with a friend can be a great experience and is more economical as well. Take a look at this option titled 2-People to see what you would be paying per person.


Come experience our unmatched putting programs with Coach Peter Weisel.  Peter has studied under renowned putting coaches David Orr and Mark Sweeney, whose students have won tournaments on every major tour around the world.  Peter has a great demeanor, clear communication skills and a genuine excitement when it comes to your improvement.  He will ensure development, refinement or advancement regardless of whatever element(s) of your putting game need improving.

Many of these programs seen below are now taught in an individual setting.  Please contact Peter to sign-up or with any questions at or 303-645-8000

AimPoint Express

Learn AimPoint Express, the world’s #1 green reading system. Used by over 200 Tour pros and 75,000 amateur golfers, AimPoint Express can be learned by golfers of all ages and abilities. With AimPoint Express, you will learn how to use your feet to read greens, determine where to aim and hole more putts!  AimPoint Express Classes are Coming Soon!  We will be moving/opening several different locations in the Spring and we’re working on timing of that move.  Stay tuned!!

AimPoint Express Advanced Techniques

This class will expand on AimPoint Express techniques learned in your initial class. Students will check to make sure their reads are accurate, learn about steeper slopes and learn advanced AimPoint Express concepts. Students are required to have participated in an AimPoint Express class with Peter Weisel or another AimPoint Certified Instructor.  AimPoint Advanced Concepts are Coming Soon!  We will be moving/opening several different locations in the Spring and we’re working on timing of that move.  Stay tuned!!

Putting Skills Evaluation

In a 90-minute session, look under the hood of your putting stroke by coming out to work with Peter and have your stroke measured with SAM PuttLab. Trusted by the best players and coaches in the world, Peter will be able to identify patterns in your stroke, so you know how to improve your putting.  This is performed in an individual, one-on-one setting.  90-minute duration and the cost is $210 Adults/$180 Juniors.  Please contact Peter to schedule or 303-645-8000.

Putting Development Program

If your whole putting game needs a restart, consider the private Putting Development Program. You will focus on your start line, distance control and green reading, the three main skills of putting. The program includes SAM PuttLab analysis, AimPoint Express and follow up lessons to make sure the plan that Peter builds for you has you putting your best this year!  Cost is $650 Adults/$550 Juniors.  Please contact Peter to schedule or 303-645-8000.

Session 1:  Comprehensive stroke analysis with our S.A.M. Putt Lab

Session 2:  AimPoint Express green reading

Sessions 3-4:  Follow-up sessions to continue improving your skills whether it’s on your stroke, mental game, routine, green reading, start line or distance control.