Junior programs around town consist of 10, 8 or 6 kids in a group.  Our programs will have a MAX of 4 students!  We run programs with a minimum of 2 and a max of 4, and because of this, our nationally recognized coaches and programs are the highest quality in Colorado.  Trent Wearner Golf, has implemented a comprehensive, multi-level player development program which is designed to develop good fundamentals, improve all golf skills and ensure the golfer can transition their skills to the course shooting fantastic scores.  We have 3 core programs depending on age:  High School Competitive (ages 14-18), Operation 36 (ages 7-13) and Birdie Basics (ages 3-6).  We also have some additional clinics or summer programs listed below.

Whether you come in as a beginner or are already a seasoned tournament player, our staff, programs and facility will help you excel. Your junior golfer will proceed through the stages to help him/her steadily improve.  Developing sound habits with regard to technique, practice, game management and self-management are instrumental in our programs.  Students will spend time on the course/practice holes and be tested regularly via our skills tests/games.

This multi-level program is designed for junior golfers of various skill levels to work in what is the smallest student to teacher ratio in town.  Each junior will work through various skills, be tested on those skills and progress through different levels in this phenomenal program.  Blended with our unmatched coaching and more time at each session, our Operation 36 program will provide rapid improvement and a fun atmosphere for your child.

We will be covering all aspects of the game of golf including setup fundamentals, proper etiquette, and skills needed for his/her personal full swing, short game, putting and on-course play.  There will be tons of fun practice games played during the session to allow the students to increase their playing skills.  Juniors will earn tokens by reaching certain objectives which they can exchange for certain prizes at our academy.

Juniors are broken into age groups listed below.  Each Summer semester is an 8-week program and Winter semesters are 6-weeks.  Summer options include coming once a week for 1.5hrs each session or twice a week for 1.5hrs each session.  Once a week at 1.5hrs x 8 weeks totals 12hrs of coaching plus your child also gets 3 playing days where they try to reach a scoring goal from yardages that increase as they reach that goal.  Meeting twice a week at 1.5hrs x 8 weeks totals 2hrs of coaching plus your child will also receive the same 3 playing days to move up to a new level.  Winter classes meet for 6 weeks and 1hr each session.

There is an annual enrollment fee of $40 which covers use of the OP36 mobile app or a lifetime enrollment fee of $80 which covers the OP36 app and the OP36 metal bag tag.

SUMMER Junior Schedule

April – May 2020

Dates and times coming soon

June – July 2020

Dates and times coming soon

August – September 2020

Dates and times coming soon

WINTER Junior Schedule

January – February 2020:

Ages 7-9:  Mondays 4-5pm starting Dec 30th.  Cost $225.  To sign-up click HERE

Ages 7-9:  Fridays 4-5pm starting Jan 3rd.  Cost $225.  To sign-up click HERE

Ages 10-13:  Mondays 5-6pm starting Dec 30th.  Cost $225.  To sign-up click HERE

Ages 10-13:  Fridays 5-6pm starting Jan 3rd.  Cost $225.  To sign-up click HERE

February – March 2020

Dates and times coming soon

This High School Competitive Prep program is designed for high school golfers (ages 14-18) who consider themselves intermediate to advanced players who may already be taking individual instruction on their own time.

This is an opportunity for the junior to practice and compete with other players of a similar ability level to achieve that tournament prep they need.  We will be playing competitive practice games as well as playing mini competitions on the 3-hole practice course.  The goal of this program is to create a competitive environment to help your golfer prepare for the pressure of tournament golf.

This competitive program is limited to 4 students per class.  We will meet for 1-hour each week for six consecutive weeks in the winter, spring and fall for a total of $225. We will meet for 1.5 hours each week for six consecutive week in the summer for a total of $335.  If a class is full, please email peter@trentwearnergolf.com or chelsea@trentwearnergolf.com and new classes will be formed.

2020 Schedule

Dates and times coming soon!


We are proud to offer younger junior golf classes with Birdie Basics at the Trent Wearner Golf Academy. Birdie Basics is for children age 3-6 and focuses on a whole child approach that uses a story based program to teach kids the game of golf. It is a child-centered program where young junior golfers will learn the FUNdamentals of golf while helping the Birdies through stories that guide classes.  This is the BEST golf class a 3-6yr old child should be doing!  Your child will meet once a week for a 1/2hr each session for a total of 6-weeks.  And as usual your child will be in a high quality small group setting of no more than four kids total.  Curious if your child is ready for golf?  Simply, reach out to Staff Instructor Peter Weisel with any questions at peter@trentwearnergolf.com

Feel free to click on this video link that Peter used at his previous location to show a little about Birdie Basics.

Age 3-4 yrs old:  Wednesdays from 3:30-4pm February 5th – March 11th.  To sign-up for this age group please click HERE

Age 5-6 yrs old:  Wednesdays from 4:15-4:45pm February 5th – March 11th.  To sign-up for this age group please click HERE

Cost:  $150 per child

Class Size:  max of only 4 children per class!


Do you want to hit the ball farther?  This programs is designed for one purpose … to increase your swing speed so you can hit the golf ball farther!  This Mach 3 Speed Training Program is a speed training protocol that has produced average clubhead speed gains of 11.5 mph for golfers of all ages and abilities.

Upcoming Schedule:

Sundays from 3-4pm starting Jan 5th meeting for 4 consecutive weeks. Click HERE to sign-up

Sundays from 4-5pm starting Jan 5th meeting for 4 consecutive weeks.  Click HERE to sign-up

Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30pm starting Jan 7th meeting for 4 consecutive weeks.  Click HERE to sign-up

Cost:  $150


Trent will be conducting one summer long program this summer.  It will take place at CommonGround Golf Course in Denver on Tuesday afternoons with Elena King.  This is a phenomenal program and a great way to experience high quality golf coaching in a small group setting.  For exact details please read the info in the tab directly above this paragraph next to the green Information oval titled CommonGround G.C. 

COMMONGROUND GOLF COURSE with Elena King & Trent Wearner:

This Train to Excel program is for juniors in or progressing into competitive golf ages 10-17 .

Trent and Elena are teaming again for this successful and popular innovative program. They train their students to have sound practice habits that help you take your game to the course and be ready for the demands of competitive/tournament golf. Players will learn skills that include: technical, mental tactics, game management and self-management to overcome bad shots, first tee jitters and the internal and external pressures of the game.  We have a progressive program that helps juniors progress and better understand their own game/swing.

Program Includes:

  • 36 Hours of coaching by Trent, Elena and Staff coaches
  • 4 Matches
  • On-course time
  • All green fees
  • Drinks/snacks
  • Membership to the practice website Golf Scrimmages and other improvement items
  • Limited Space Available – Sign up NOW!  Click Here to Register


  • Coaching: Every Tuesday June 11th – July 30th from 2-5pm with Trent and Elena
  • Supervised Practice:  Every Saturday June 15th – July 27th from 10:30am – 12:00noon with Staff

Investment:  $1600 per Student

For more information please contact Elena King at eking@experiencegolf.biz or Trent Wearner at trent@trentwearnergolf.com


Come spend three hours in Trent’s most popular school!  Learn proper strategy, self-management skills, and the important elements of an effective mental routine to help you focus on the PROCESS of each shot.  We will spend ample time on the important mindset to have over every shot.  Develop a Commitment Trigger for the shot to help you stay focused on what matters most!  Golf is about focusing on the ONE shot in front of you.  Learn to do this and you have mastered a huge part of playing the game.  Better understand mental toughness, the importance of what you do after each shot, how to correctly analyze each shot and manage yourself. 

We will spend time in discussion, on our tee and lots of time on our practice holes!  Go home with our On-Course Guidelines packet and additional TWGA goodies.  Each class is limited to 8 juniors and we’ll have Trent plus one other coach for a small 4:1 ratio.  Cost is only $275.  For mature juniors ages 12-17 and attendees will be grouped by age/ability.

2020 Dates Coming Soon!

PGA Junior League is a match play event against another team. It is for juniors ages 9-13 with beginning level tournament experience and offers an introduction to tournament play through 9-hole scramble format. Junior League serves as a fun, social, less stressful approach to tournament golf. Team golf is designed specifically for newer golfers who do not possess extensive tournament experience. Team Golf is designed to be a stepping stone into Individual Stroke Play tournaments. The focus of this program is to prepare for the matches and learn to play tournament golf. The season will run from May-July with 10 weekly practices and up to 6 matches for the season. To register for the program, you must contact Peter Weisel at peter@trentwearnergolf.com or by calling 303-645- 8000.


The Tour Training Clinic is for the more competitive players who want putting to become the best aspect of their game.  Each student will receive an array of training tools to keep, valued at $129.  Each student will be instructed how to use the training aids to maximize their practice time. This class is a one-time, two-hour session, not a series of classes.  Sign up for the class that fits your schedule.  You will leave the class with a proven practice routine to help you become the best putter in your group.

To schedule, please contact Jerry Walters at jerry@trentwearnergolf.com

Crush the YIPS!– If you or someone you know is suffering from this affliction, and has caused you to think about quitting golf, sign up for the clinic that will absolutely sweep them away. Learn new techniques to avoid those scary 2’ putts. This problem is devastating and can cause golfers to put their clubs down instead of working at minimizing the issue. Crush the YIPS! is designed to alleviate the problem by repeating the practice routine laid out. Beat the frustration of crumbling over the short makable putts. Cost is $125 for this two hour clinic. Each Student will receive training aids valued at $85.

To schedule, please contact Jerry Walters at jerry@trentwearnergolf.com

To schedule, please contact Jerry Walters at jerry@trentwearnergolf.com

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