Trent Wearner Golf Academy performs professional, certified club fitting. We use the same process the pros use when they get fit for clubs … they hit clubs outside, from real grass, and can see the ball in flight. Studying the ball’s flight allows us to dial in on specific components of the club while the student witnesses the enhancement of properly fitted golf clubs. In addition to our unique facility we also utilize our Trackman or FlightScope X3 launch monitor.  Club Fittings are performed by Peter Weisel and Chelsea Soda.  SAM Putt Lab Fittings by Peter Weisel.

The most important aspect to proper club fitting is that it is done with a trained professional in an outdoor setting. The feel of the club is extremely important and so too is the sound. For the player to get an accurate representation of this, the ball should be struck from real grass while receiving the feedback of the ball’s flight.

Additionally, it’s vital that a person go through an interview with the teaching professional/club fitter to determine if the student, among other things, is working on anything in his or her set-up or swing. Being fit by a teaching professional who has an established career in instruction and club fitting will ensure that the student is not hitting balls from a detrimental posture, with a poor grip, or from inaccurate aim as all of those factors can lead to an ineffective club fit. We will find the best club head design for your desired ball flight, the correct length, lie angle, grip size and set make-up to enhance your game.  All Club Fittings are performed by Peter Weisel and Chelsea Soda.  Putter Fittings on the SAM Putt Lab by Peter Weisel.

Come experience our laser putting system, high-speed ball roll, and our Science and Motion Putt Lab to see if you’re using the putter that best fits your set-up and stroke.

The putter is the one club you’ll use the most during your round of golf.  Our experts are specialized in adjusting your own putter to fit your personal set up and stance to achieve the most out of your stroke, with our tour tested equipment, on site.

We perform repairs such as re-gripping and length and lie adjustments. We fit and sell clubs from almost every manufacturer and at prices at or lower than discount stores.